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Something New to the Table

Spring Mix Spinach Salad Garden Salad Fruit and Nut Salad

There will be a dozen of my new small 2014 flower paintings soon at the DVAC gift gallery. But this year, I’m bringing something new to the table – Salad! I wanted to study greens closely so I could be better prepared in landscape painting. The fact that this still life project is leafy and  very temporary is also an added bonus. 



DVAC Member’s Show

Underwater HomeCurrently showing this piece at the DVAC Member’s show July 12 – Aug 17.

“Underwater Home”, though painted with bright colors, is about the recent financial crisis, with the water forming a whirlpool around the “castle”. This was painted in response to this year’s theme: Water, Water Everywhere.

If a Tree Falls

Tree CompanyHere is my entry for the short show at DVAC, “If a Tree Falls” June 21-28, titled,
“Tree Company”. There was an article in the news about a staircase structure at Cox Arboretum that looked incredible. It was! and gave me a great vantage point to do this painting in the late evening sun.

Ohio State Fair

Twisting TruthHere is my entry for the Ohio State Fair in Columbus July25 – Aug 4.
 The painting,Twisting Truth has about as many kinds of twists as I could manage. I liked bringing in multicultural elements to accentuate this universal dilemma that tells this ancient story.

Dream House Finished

Dream Home

Home is the place where dreams germinate.
Hopes and dreams are magical and bring forth life.

“Dream Home” is now completed with more defined
movement in the composition. I enjoyed the study of the way the leaves turned and layered, and infused them with my life. (28″H x 22″W)

Dream House under Construction

Dream HouseHere’s the progress of my newest painting, “Dream House”. It combines my fascination with the theme of home in an “impossible” reality to explain the very real deepest desire of the heart. I was pleased to find that the colors and light flicker through the painting to give a magical quality that reinforces this theme.